Is the property "motorcycle friendly"?


Motorcycle enthusiasts love this area of Wisconsin!


  • County Road P (the road the property is on) is a fan favorite.

    • All the roads TO The Ranch are paved, but all the driveways & parking areas ON the property itself are gravel.

    • Also, there's a bit of an incline on the drive from "down here" at the Guest Check-In Office to "up there" where the cabins sit on the property.

    • The difference in elevation is about 85 to 100 feet and the length of the driveway is maybe a third of a mile.

    • If we've calculated correctly, that is between a 4.8 & 5.8 grade.

    • There are a couple short spots that are a smidge "steep."

    • And there is a 135 degree turn (hairpin/swichback) in the driveway about 2/3's of the way up to the cabin parking area.


  • Most motorcyclists have not been bothered at all by the driveway; a few folks have not liked it.

    • The folks that are most "challenged" by our driveways/gravel/hairpin are the ones that are often the most "tentative" drivers.


  • Call Cowboy Joe at 608-625-6222 for more information or enter our address in Google maps & check out the Earth view to understand the details of the property.

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