2022 Big Sky Getaway

There's a surge in new lodging out there brought to you by folks renting a room in their personal home or a vacation property with no management on site.
(You know what we're talking about.)
Some aren't licensed. Some have little to no oversight. Most have crazy cleaning fees or rules about doing laundry before you leave and trash removal and not touching the owner's stuff.
The Kickapoo Valley Ranch Guests Cabins, the highest rated, licensed, inspected, & insured lodging property in the Midwest is nothing like any of that. Eight, pristine & fully appointed, individual guest cabins that are all your own while you are here. No beds to strip or trash to take out. Drawers & cabinets full of everything that you could ever need. And no signs that a room or drawer is off limits. The best. Ever.

Travel has changed dramatically since the beginning of 2020. The Kickapoo Valley Ranch Guest Cabins is the perfect place to get away from, well, everything! We've taken CoVid seriously since the beginning and our cabins are cleaner & better than ever. Our safety protocols are still in place for your comfort & protection. To see the details, click here...

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Cabins & Rates


The Kickapoo Valley Ranch Guest Cabins... truly some of the finest five-star accommodations  in the Midwest, at unbelievably economical pricing!

This is Sanctuary...

Map & Location


Surrounded by 8600 acres of vast natural wonder... A quiet, private country getaway like no other. Found right here in the heart of the Midwest.

This is Heaven...

The Bakery!


Because we believe that every sweet treat should be an event! Cookies and cakes waiting in your cabin upon your arrival or to take home after your stay.

This is pure joy...