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What began as a very personal, almost selfish idea of having a simpler life for ourselves, has blossomed into sharing the riches of our region, our five-star accommodations, & now our amazing baked goods with all of you!

Montana - brought here to the Midwest...


After trips out West, travelling around Montana & then staying at an amazing guest ranch in late 2000, Cowboy David & Cowboy Joe decided that living in Southeastern Wisconsin and working the 9 to 5 rat race simply was not going to cut it anymore. So we set out to create a little bit of the "old West" for ourselves in an area of Wisconsin known as the Driftless Region. David had actually grown up here and it was the perfect spot to create The Kickapoo Valley Ranch.

The Ranch - back then...


In May of 2003, The Kickapoo Valley Ranch opened. Back in the day, horseback riding and a gift shop were the main focus while the cabins were being built. Over the first few years, something rather unexpected happened. Folks did come and stay in the cabins and get on horseback BUT many more that came found themselves relaxing and renewed their spirits and rejuvenated their souls in the peace and quiet and solitude. The Ranch was becoming known for so much more than our original intention.

Sanctuary, then, it shall be...

It had become increasingly clear that what we were looking for for ourselves, (peace and quite and an opportunity to "breathe,") was something that so many folks were also looking for for themselves. The Ranch had become a Sanctuary getaway that was unlike any other lodging facility in the Midwest. Having a few horses, and in 2010 the addition of the llamas, didn't hurt in creating a country, "ranch-like" feel to the place. And since the business doesn't have a ton of employees, we do virtually all the work ourselves, the attention to detail is razor sharp. Cabins are pristinely kept. The grounds are rustic but well maintained. This place is a little slice of heaven. It is so apparent why, even after 18+ years here, The Kickapoo Valley Ranch Guest Cabins are consistently the highest rated lodging facility in the Midwest on TripAdvisor.

Oh, that's right. Did we mention the cookies?


We have said for years that The Ranch was really all about "a whole lot of nothin'!" No pool. No tennis court. No playground for the kids. Nothing but peace & quiet. But in 2013, after literally thousands of requests, we simply had to do something about "the cookies." Offered as a gift to our guests upon their arrival in their cabin since we opened, a bakery was a no-brainer addition. We now have Cowboy David's Special Order Bakery producing some of the best cookies, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, & candied confections that you could ever image! The "Original" Double Chocolate Chip is still a gift to our cabin guests but we now offer a whole array of tasty treats that folks can order in advance for their cabin stay or to take home when they head out.

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