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Our Safe & Clean Guarantee!
Cowboy Joe here, folks. I am one of the owners and on-site proprietors...
2020 sure took an unprecedented turn that nobody saw coming. And though we may now be a full year into this deadly pandemic with challenges like we all have never seen before, we now are beginning to see some hope for the future. Vaccinations are wide-spread and folks are beginning to feel more comfortable "moving about." We do still have folks every day ask us if it is "safe" to travel. We honestly cannot make that decision for you. We hope that you will. And, it is important to know that our hope isn't a blind one. We ourselves are taking this pandemic very, very serious as you will see below. We also know of many businesses, restaurants, shops, & services that are as well. We can discuss some of them when you call for your booking or when we follow up if you put in a booking request here on our site. We will get through this together, folks. We must all have patience and hope. And, of course, a break every now & then, if you need it!
So, how is The Kickapoo Valley Ranch Guest Cabins addressing our practices differently regarding cleanliness, safety, & security to ensure the utmost protection of you, our valued cabin guests, moving forward?
1.) Right off the bat, there will now be a covered brochure holder out front (before you even enter our main parking area) that has cabin & Cowboy David's Bakery brochures for folks looking for information. There will be no one allowed on the property except registered guests and bakery pick-ups.
2.) FOR ABSOLUTE CLARITY, whether you are vaccinated or not, masks will still be required while in all INDOOR PUBLIC areas. (We have them available if need be.) There will be no exceptions. Regretfully, on this issue, we are now starting to get some push back. Folks, CoVid is still very real. We have no intention of contracting it and don't want it spread because of your stay here. Please. When you check-in, a mask will be required. Otherwise you are, of course, free to do as you wish at any other time while here or in the region.

3.) Only one check-in (one person/couple/etc...) will be allowed in our small office area at a time. That would include if folks stop down for movies to borrow from our expansive collection.
4.) Cabin cleaning, just before your arrival, has been and will continue to be taken from a TEN to an ELEVEN! We have always used things like Clorox wipes in our cleaning practices instead of a bucket of soap & water like typical hotels. We are and will continue to be pristine, safe, & sanitized! We are adding extra time to go over every surface! Normally our exacting cleaning regiment takes between two and three hours per cabin and with hyper-efficiency we are still adding as much as a full hour per cabin to go the extra mile.
5.) A detailed cabin-by-cabin check-list has been updated for cleaning staff so nothing is missed.
6.) A whole new bed linen program is in place and guests love it. White, white, white!
Super clean. Super sanitized. Super safe!
7.) Extra decorative pillows and throw blankets have been removed for now and any extra comforters & blankets are now stored away in sanitized plastic bags. There if you need. Tucked away if you don't.
8.) Multi-serve items like a jar full of coffee beans or a holder full of napkins are custom wrapped in individual servings. Still the same amazing details you have come to know and love but now, again, safe & sanitary beyond all others.
***This is just an overview! If you are going to travel, we are the perfect place. We were perfection (as you can see in so many of our five star reviews on TripAdvisor) and will continue to set the standards for our region! Sanctuary awaits!
IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING, call us at 608-625-6222. We are here for you.

Woodview from the new bed
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